Our Executive Members



Bridget Inocencio

Bridget is a fourth-year political science major with a certificate in ethics from the philosophy department. She has been part of PLS since 2017, previously serving as VP of Marketing. Always looking for new things to do, Bridget worked as an instructor for SFU Camps and is currently a campus tour guide. When there is space in her planner, she loves paddleboarding in Kitsilano during the summer, reading non-stop, and is always looking for the best bookstores in Vancouver. 


Kiana Jean-Smith

Kiana is a third-year political science major and French minor student. She spends most of her free time at SFU either studying or volunteering. Aside from law, she enjoys traveling and finding new places to explore.

VP Internal


Suzanna Fung

Suzanna was born and raised in Vancouver and is currently studying business at the Beedie School of Business. She is passionate about her student community and wishes to share her enthusiasm by taking an active part. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and her dog. 

VP External


Kinza Rahman

Kinza is a third-year Political Science major and Health Science Minor student. She has been working at a child protection firm for the last three years and is very passionate about Human Rights and Family law. When she is not studying, she enjoys reading, photography and finding new things to try.

VP Marketing


Sean Paton

Sean is a 4th year International Studies and Business student. He joined the PLS in Summer 2019, and hopes to pursue Human Rights law and Humanitarian work. When Sean isn't studying, working or with friends, he focuses on organizing volunteer events in collaboration with non-profit organizations in Vancouver.


Charlotte Taylor-Baer

Charlotte is a second year criminology major and archaeology minor. She has been part of the PLS since her first semester and is passionate about criminal and human rights law. She’s also been involved with the Criminology Student Association and Relay For Life. When she isn’t studying or volunteering she’s probably still on campus because she lives there but she’ll be with her friends having fun and taking a break from all the work.

VP Events

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Rory Suzukovich


Aliya Khan

Aliya is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Her passions are fighting for gender equality with a focus on international human rights. She works with Career and Volunteer Services at SFU supporting students with their professional development while volunteering her time at a legal aid clinic assisting lawyers in providing free legal service to low-income individuals. In her spare time, she prefers relaxing at the beach, going for movies or shopping with her friends.

VP Financial

Norman Atakhanov

Norman is a fourth-year Political Science student with a goal to pursue a career in law as a litigator. Aside from his passion for law, he enjoys cooking, traveling and staying active. He works with BC Housing to provide assistance through subsidized housing and financial assistance to low-income families and seniors around the province.