Momin Khawaja seeks day parole for terrorism offences

The first Canadian arrested under post-911 terrorism law is currently seeking day parole following his conviction in 2008 for terrorism offences. Thirty-seven-year-old Momin Khawaja was a software developer arrested in 2004 after aiding and abetting a terrorist attack in the United Kingdom. However, former intelligence analyst and radicalisation expert at Public Safety Canada and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service Phil Gurski believes Khawaja has yet to accept responsibility or show remorse for his offences, based on his profile on matchmaking website Canadian Inmates Connect Inc. Khajawa’s profile reads:

My offenses stem from moral and financial support of the anti-war occupation insurgency in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. I've never killed an innocent human being or harmed women and children in any way. I have a life sentence but I won't be in jail forever. My parole eligibility started 2 years ago. I just need to be in the right place to get it… I continue each day to reform and reproach and be rid of any form of radical and extremist ideaology [sic] I struggled with in the past.

Day parole would allow Khawaja to participate in community activities while still residing at Millhaven maximum security. Currently, programming geared towards reforming radicalised offenders in federal prison is limited. His parole hearing is set for August 31.

Read the original article here. View Khawaja’s profile here.

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